Why Website Owners Must Ensure Their Website Is Mobile Friendly

As you may have been aware on the 21st April 2015 Google released their mobile friendly ranking algorithm. The algorithm was designed to improve the organic rankings of sites which are mobile friendly within Google’s mobile search results. It was estimated the full impact of the algorithm would take around a week or so to influence organic mobile site rankings.
How A Mobile Responsive Website Could Improve Your Business
Why Website Owners Must Ensure Their Website Is Mobile Friendly
Even before Google announced their mobile friendly ranking algorithm it was vital businesses invested in mobile friendly sites. The fact that the algorithm is now in place means that your business performance could be directly affected by this update. As more people invest in smartphones and various other devices it is becoming the norm to access the internet as you are on the move.
The latest statistics show that the number of mobile internet users has taken over that of desktops users by a long way and this trend will continue to rapidly increase over the coming years. Consumers are not only using their devices to make online purchases but they are also using them to access search comparison sites when looking for the best deals on things like car and home insurance. Google’s overall mission is to ensure that your website displays equally and correctly on desktops, mobiles and tablets whilst also enhancing the users experience when they are accessing your site.
If your business does not have a mobile responsive site then this could impact you massively. Not only will your organic mobile rankings suffer but you will also be missing out on vital sales and conversions. UK adults are spending more time on mobile devices than they are on PC’s and laptops as this article shows. So to make the most of this it is imperative your site is mobile friendly.
What You Must Consider When Making Your Site Mobile Friendly
Ok, you may have decided that you want to ensure that your site is mobile friendly to ensure your business flourishes but what are the key aspects you need to take into consideration. The most important thing you must consider is how to enhance your customers experience whilst they are on your mobile site.
When customers are searching using a mobile device more often than not they are planning to make a purchase, book an appointment or learn more about the services you offer. During this stage it is critical that all of your webpages, images, services, prices and general information displays correctly on any mobile device as this could result in more business for you. If your website is not formatted correctly then any potential customers will just turn away and go elsewhere. This will not only affect you but will also benefit your competitors. In addition to this any call to action prompts must be clearly visible on your site.
Whilst designing the mobile site it is vital that the main content on your site is easily accessible. From a customers point of view they would be looking to find information quickly and without any hassle. If there becomes a stage where there is too much scrolling or too many clicks required to access your content then again this could be detrimental to your business.
Before launching the site it is advised that you carry out user testing and actually put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Navigate through the site and ensure that all images, content and videos work correctly whilst also testing the navigation of the site and ensuring all internal links display and work as they should.
Why Website Owners Must Ensure Their Website Is Mobile Friendly
How To Check Your Site Is Mobile Friendly
There are many tools available to use to check that your site is mobile friendly. If your site has been designed using WordPress there are various plugins you can install for free which will help in adapting your site whilst Google also has its own mobile friendly test tool which you can use to analyse your site. Click here to test your site now.
Overall it is vital that your site is mobile friendly. To take your business to the next level it is highly recommended that you make the most of the expanding number of mobile internet users whilst also keeping up with your competition. Without having a mobile friendly site not only will you be left behind, you will also struggle to attract new customers.

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