Tips For Successful Infographic Outreach

One of the things that can be done when promoting a client is to create an infographic and get it shared across as many websites and social media platforms as possible, this is done to boost the link equity of your website, the more relevant infographics featured on a client’s website, the greater the chances of getting the link promoted on other sites across the Internet. We have put together 10 steps to help you maximize your chances of promoting your client’s infographic.

  • Tips for successful infographic outreachAlways use the name of a person involved with the website or organization you are contacting if possible, the best places to find this is on the “About Us” page, or if they have a blog look to see if there is a name attached to any of the posts. Sometimes there will be a page on the site listing all key staff members.
  • Attach the infographic to the email you are sending as well as providing a link to the page where the infographic is hosted. People are more likely to share the infographic if they can download it straight from the email, as they may be wary about clicking links on random emails.
  • Even if no response is received check all the websites you have contacted including their social media platforms, there is always a chance they have shared the infographic but did not get back to you.
  • Try to relate the infographic to something on the website you are contacting, for example an infographic on gardening shows may be useful to an organization or person that regularly attends these events.
  • When doing outreach on Twitter try to limit the amount of tweets you send to around 15-20 per day, sending any more than this will look like spam and your account may be penalized.
  • Target websites dedicated to promoting infographics first, there are many of these sites around, at least 30, and it is guaranteed that your infographic will be posted on at least one of them.
  • Tips for successful infographic outreachWhen someone posts the infographic on their website always record the DA (domain authority) of the website and check to see if there is a link going back to your website, where the infographic is.
  • Contact the right person – try to contact the editor first, if there isn’t one then contact the managing director, otherwise contact the webmaster.
  • Keep the email brief – you don’t want to bore the person reading your email, if you write too much text then they are likely to ignore your email or stop reading.
  • Personalise the email to each website you contact – this will greatly increase the chances of the infographic getting shared, even if they don’t share it on the website they still might share it on their social media platforms, which is always better than nothing. This can reach many people, especially if they have a large following on their social media channels.

Follow the above tips to increase your chances of getting an infographic shared, make sure they have a link going back to your website as this is how link equity is built, therefore driving more traffic to your website.

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