The Top 10 Digital Marketing Infographics of 2018 So Far

Infographics are a great way of displaying information without it featuring huge blocks of boring text that can become unbearable to read. Creating great content does not have to always contain stock images and paragraphs of text, you can switch it up to gain links to your site. Here is a comprehensive list of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Infographics of 2018 So Far.

Infographic One

Amount of links: 4500

Social Shares: 7446

This huge infographic has been created to under the title ‘A Guide to Marketing Genius: Content Marketing’. This infographic has a a lot of statistics that stand out and make this piece of content very easy to understand.  It has a huge amount of social shares and links due to the high quality of the content.

Infographic Two

Number of links: 454

Social Shares: 989

This infographic gives valuable insight into where the content marketing industry may be headed, featuring a clear timeline of historic events that influenced the industry throughout the years this piece of content has a clear structure that is easy to understand. It includes a range of imagery that complements the statistics, its no surprise that this content has a lot of links, it has been designed well and has loads of relevant information.

Infographic Three

Number of links: 229

Social Shares: 78

This infographic has been created as a dummies guide to inbound marketing, featuring basic information about inbound marketing with clear statistics and headings for each stage of the guide. This piece of content features engaging images that co-ordinate with the information displayed, this infographic has been linked to via blogs & forums to help people understand what inbound marketing is all about.

Infographic Four

Number of links: 179

Social Shares: 876

This infographic has been created by Moz, they are a very well-known company that create loads of content about search marketing. This piece of content is one of their early projects. It features a giant infographic that is colour coded and features loads of valuable information for beginners. Moz is a very well-known website and therefore it is no surprise to see that they have a lot of social shares for this piece of content.

Infographic Five

Number of links: 98

Social Shares: 55

This clean and well put together piece from ‘Impact, Branding and Design’ is a beginners guide to inbound marketing, it features key steps that you need to take in order to start inbound marketing efficiently within your business. This is a ‘linkable’ piece due to it targeting people who will be researching how to start the inbound marketing process. This guide will answer the questions of anyone researching this topic.

Infographic Six

Number of links: 82

Social Shares: 297

At hyperfine, they have collated a list of the most important video marketing stats that you must know, to help you release that video marketing is the future of content. Their infographic breaks down essential facts into five sections. Conversion rates, who uses video, user interaction, spending and content. It has a good amount of links and social shares, with retweets from Sprout Social and others.

Infographic Seven

Number of links: 70

Social Shares: 250

This infographic has a very unique design and a lot of written content that is supported by images. Giving various ideas that will help improve digital marketing results. This guide/to-do list has gained links and shares because it has stats, images, content and a clear structure that is easy to understand. This will answer the questions any business owner may have about digital marketing and how to improve results.

Infographic Eight

Number of links: 69

Social Shares: 1100

So which methods and platforms are most popular among marketers this year? The team at Digital Ready have put together this listing of key insights based on various research reports. The overview provides some quick snapshots of relevant trends. They have gained a load of social media shares for this well-designed piece of content, featuring graphs, images and plenty of facts for you to read and remember.

Infographic Nine

Number of links: 77

Social Shares: 77

This infographic has been created with regards to inbound marketing, featuring a lot of facts and statistics about inbound marketing and what trends have been set within the industry. Some of the links include Ecommerce SEO influencer’s like Neil Patel and big organisations including SEMRUSH.

Infographic Ten

Number of links: 59

Social Shares: 202

This inforgraphic has been cleverly designed with statistics and facts about content marketing and how it helps performance within various industries. This piece of content has a good amount of links and it is also very unique in design compared to the rest of the infographics on the list.

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