The importance of setting small and large conversion rate optimisation goals for your business

The importance of setting small and large conversion rate optimisation goals for your business

Setting small and large conversion rate optimisation (CRO) goals are crucial for all businesses striving to achieve meaningful growth in both the short and the long term, these goals can have a huge bearing on a companies Ecommerce SEO strategy.
Whether you run an ecommerce business looking to increase transactions or a lead generation site focusing on boosting form submissions, setting clear CRO goals will help you to break down each goal into individual components which are achievable, trackable, and measurable.
Although it is clearly imperative to keep a discerning eye on the primary conversion rate of your business, it is also crucial to consider the multitude of smaller interactions your audience could have with your website every time they visit.

Why striving for both micro and macro goals is the key to success

Although you might initially think that securing macro conversions is inherently more important than obtaining micro conversions, this simply isn’t the case.
Macro conversions are undoubtedly the big hitters. Including things like lead generation and transactions, the success of your business is reliant on achieving a series of these important goals. It is important to note however that your business also needs to push towards achieving a series of micro conversions, including email newsletter signups, video engagement, and account signups, because these are the small successes which will pave the road to the accomplishment of your macro conversion aims.

Identifying clear, genuinely beneficial goals

As the number of goals you could choose to set is almost endless, it is important to spend some time identifying those which will be the most beneficial for your business within your unique circumstances.
If you aren’t sure where to start, it will be well worth spending some time thinking about both your short and long term business goals and what you need your customers to do on each page of your website.

Very often, you will find that setting a series of micro goals will help you to improve your user experience so much that your macro goals are easier to achieve. Remember that focusing too closely on a narrow aspect of your website could result in missed opportunities within other parts of your customer journey.

How many CRO goals should you focus on?

Although you should certainly focus on more than one CRO goal at a time, it is unwise to spread your attentions too thinly. Paying close attention to the elements of your website that will make a real difference to the big picture is key and so is collecting qualitative or quantitative data to help you to consistently measure your conversion optimisation performance.

3 key takeaways

  1. Widen your CRO goals to focus on more than one key metric
  2. Utilise CRO micro goals to propel you further towards your primary business objectives
  3. Use key datasets from your website to inform your CRO goals and build hypotheses to make refinements and improvements

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