PixaPrints Infographic: Orange Is The New Black Guess Who's Cell It Is

We created this infographic with PixaPrints.ie, a personalised gifts company to appeal to the vast television audience for the hit Netflix show Orange Is The New Black. The idea we had was to create a infographic quiz where readers would have to figure out which cell belonged to different characters in the show based on items that featured in their respective cell. The answers and the clues featured in each cell are given at the bottom of the infographic.

The infographic has had great expose and has been featured on highly reputable sites such as Mashable (link here) Screenrant (link here) and tv.com (link here) as well as been featured on a number of other blogs and fan forums.
You can view the original infographic here : Orange Is The New Black Guess Who’s Cell It Is
Orange Is The New Black Guess Who's Cell It Is Infographic Quiz

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