AAP® Advanced SEO Product Filter Pages

Optimised, dynamic SEO product filter pages to supercharge organic performance, rankings and revenue.

AAP® Advanced SEO Product Filter Pages

Unleash 1000's and 1000's of non-conflicting, optimised filter pages in the search engines to supercharge your organic visibility, rankings, traffic and revenue.

Advanced SEO Product Filter Pages


Optimised Product Filter Pages

Create 1000’s and 1000’s of dynamically optimised product filter pages that will rank in the search engines with completely unique meta titles, meta descriptions, H1 tags, indexable content and alt=tags on images. Say goodbye to collection page duplications.

AAP Advanced SEO Product Filter Pages

Unlock Shopify's Organic Potential

Don’t block high revenue generating pages on your Shopify theme from being crawled, indexed and ranked by the search engines like all of the best selling product filter apps do. They do this by canonicalizing product filter page urls back to the root collection page or by using JavaScript filters, eliminating these pages from the search engines completely.

SEO Product Filter Pages for Shopify

Please note that AAP® SEO product filters do not come as standard with our themes. 

AAP® SEO product filters are an upgrade to our standard theme which can be purchased from the theme product pages.

These advanced SEO filter pages only work with themes built by Integrity Commerce®.

This technology is not available in the Shopify app store or by another Shopify Partner in the world.

This technology is built by SEO & ecommerce web design experts.  This unique SEO product filter technology is guaranteed to improve your organic rankings. No other theme developer in the world can offer this technology apart from us. 

This technology is a fixes the issue of not being able to access to the robots.txt file to control which pages Google can and can't be crawled. 

More optimised pages in the search engines with no duplication issues = higher rankings and more organic sales revenue.

Supercharge your Shopify SEO today with AAP® SEO Product Filters for just £499 [includes theme]. Annual subscription fee is just £250 per year.