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Is your Shopify store being penalized by Google? Shopify uses a built-in product ‘tagging’ system to arrange collections of products in filterable results in the sidebar such as size, product type, colour etc.

These ‘filter’ urls are dynamically generated by the platform and aren’t accessible or editable via the Shopify CMS so 1000’s and 1000’s duplication issues occur as soon as you start adding filters to your theme causing major keyword, metadata and content duplication penalties.

The best selling product filter apps in the App Store simply canonical the filter page url back to the collection page parent or root. Yes this solves the issue of duplication, but themes using this method are missing out on 1000’s and 1000’s of additional urls that could be indexed in the search engines driving more traffic and revenue.

In a nutshell - product filters on collection pages cause MASS duplication issues with Google.

Most if not all Shopify theme designers and theme developers build filter systems without understanding the implications they have on the store’s ability to perform in the search engines, or they just ignore the problem altogether! We recently audited a furniture store using Shopify and they sold around 2,500 products. They were shocked to find out that they had over 300,000 urls indexed in the search engines, most of them ‘filter page’ duplicates, massively hindering their sites ability to rank in the search engines.

If you'd like help assessing if your own store is being penalized by Google or is blocking high converting filter pages from the search engines altogether, then please get in touch - Thanks. 

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Kristin Atkinson, MD - Integrity Search