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Integrity Commerce® with built-in AAP® Technology and its supporting products and services have been specifically developed to help Shopify Plus & Shopify subscribers across the globe supercharge their organic sales revenue.

They are brought to you by 'Integrity Search', an award winning ecommerce search marketing agency in the UK. Shopify has fast become the world's most popular 'cloud-based' ecommerce platform with over 800,000 active subscribers worldwide.

Unlike any other agency out there, we take responsibility for how well your site performs in the search engines once it goes live, others don't. We were so tired of re-engineering low quality Shopify themes that didn't perform in the search engines and that were developed by web designers, not SEO experts, that designed and engineered our own theme.

Shopify has major technical SEO issues that hinder performance in the search engines but we have fixed them, in the world's most technically advanced Shopify theme for SEO called Integrity Commerce®.

"We exist to make 'enterprise' level performance affordable for brands and retailers across the globe and aim to be the #1 Shopify Partner for the best 'organically' performing Shopify themes in the world. Retail has never been so competitive, so get ahead of the competition in the search engines".

Kristin Atkinson, MD - Integrity Search