How To Save £1000’s On Digital Marketing Recruitment

If you’re like us – a small to medium sized business that is constantly growing; you’ll find the challenge of attracting and recruiting high quality staff becomes increasingly difficult.  We’re long passed the stage where we struggle to attract staff but we’re also not at the stage where prospective CV’s are flooding through our inboxes on a daily basis.
Over the last five years we’ve probably needed to advertise and recruit around eight times.  At first, like all businesses should when it’s available – we took advantage of ‘European’ funding which helped subsidise 50% of employee wages for 6 months if we took on a graduate from our local University.  We took on 3 graduates through this scheme, trained them up and they’ve turned out to be the best and most loyal staff you could wish for.  The funding we received in these early stages played an integral role in funding our growth and we’re extremely grateful for the funding we have received.
Now that the European funding has ended, things aren’t so easy.  We now have to cast our net in the UK wide talent pool (like everybody else) and hope for the best. Over the years we have tried several methods of recruiting for various positions such as Designers, Developers, Sales & Marketing, Office Managers, Account Managers & Personal Assistants.
Like us, you’re probably constantly bombarded on a daily basis with recruitment agencies offering you the best staff around; but in reality, as a small business (again like us), you simply can’t justify or afford the seemingly high fees for (in some cases) the simple passing over of a CV.
In the past we’ve tried (without success) the local newspapers, the local job centres and industry journals but we’ve never come across a service that we’ve had so much success with (for such little expense) than what we have had with Recruitment Genius.  You can post a job advert on their site for 28 days and they’ll advertise it on all of the UK’s best online job boards, covering almost every sector (up to 2,000).
In some instances, we have received over 100 applications in just 3 days. We’ve used the service for several years now and have filled positions in Sales, Marketing, SEO, Account Management and even PR.  Even if you’re thinking of advertising in your usual channels, before you do, no matter where you’re based in the country, we highly recommend you try this service first – it has saved us (and many other businesses that we’ve already recommended) thousands of pounds.  It’s worth trying before you use your traditional methods!

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