How To Deal With The End Of Guest Posting And What To Do Next?

Google changes and updates its quality guidelines on a regular basis so that it is always one step ahead of the mass of web spammers that plague the internet. The latest link building methodology to come into question is guest posting. Guest posting is when you write a piece of content and publish it on another website with a link placed back to your site. On high quality sites this is still a very good link building method but the majority of this methodology has now became very low quality and spammy which has led to many of the industry guru’s to question and advise against using guest posting as a link building strategy. You now need to ask the question “Is my marketing company using guest posting and guest blogging as a link building strategy?”

The head of Google’s webspam department Matt Cutts recently posted an article in which he referred to a number of videos he has released over the last few months which hint towards Google’s changing attitude towards guest posting. Matt Cutt’s article on guest posting is not saying that all guest posting is bad but that it must be done in the right way. He is basically saying that the webspam team are now looking at guest posting in a very dim light and only the very highest quality of post is likely to be deemed suitable by the webspam team.
Another leading industry expert Rand Fishkin presented a very interesting video on guest posting on Whiteboard Friday in which he discussed this very topic, as well as supported the notion that guest posting is becoming increasingly spammy and that it could very well now lead to future penalties for those who continue to use this method.
How To Deal With The End Of Guest Posting And What Do You Do Next
A Typical Link Building Methodology:
The strategy would start by identifying blogs which were related to the client’s niche. Once we had found these sites we would then offer them a guest post with the clause that the post would have to have a link back to the client’s site. Generally, we would normally get the articles posted on a domain authority ranging from 0-40 with the odd exception where we could get an article published on a domain authority higher than 40.
Suggested New Link Building Methodology:
As Matt Cutts announced an end to the guest blogging for SEO method, we have gone to a more holistic approach to ensure we offer our clients the best possible service. Google has always maintained that they want to reward sites which have either earned links or gained links naturally through great pieces of content rather than gained links through recycled, general pieces of content. Google has suggested that the best link building methodology is producing brilliant content which will gain you natural links.
Our new holistic approach does just that by combining brilliant content with social media, content marketing, interactive content marketing campaigns and infographics. This will help in gaining those natural links which Google is looking for, increase traffic to your site as well as expanding your brand reputation online. This new methodology will help to ensure that we manage your whole online marketing campaign. As a result of our new approach we will also reach a new audience who will be interested in your services. Rather than creating content for other sites to publish, we will produce high quality content and infographics to publish on your own site which will be designed with your audience in mind.  An example of one part of the new content methodology we are moving to is outlined in our post  “How To Build Links Naturally Using Interactive Content & Social Media Marketing” this features an example of an interactive content marketing concept we came up with up for a potential client.
Also another example of this is our recent infographic Christmas Supermarket Ads 2013 which was posted on our blog and currently has the following social media statistics:

  • 229 tweets
  • 41 Google plus 1’s
  • 129 likes on Facebook

It was also featured at, which also has the following social media statistics

  • 157 tweets
  • 6 Google plus 1’s.

This has increased our brand exposure via multiple social media platforms and has reached a whole new audience. This shows our new holistic approach is the way to go which Google wants to see.
With this new approach you will gain numerous benefits. This includes gaining high quality links via content which people want to link to, promoting your brand across various social media platforms and also ensuring that your site will not get devalued or penalized by Google which will cover your long term future. As a result of this you should be asking your marketing company what is their link building strategy?