Google enhances DoubleClick Search campaigns

Google’s DoubleClick platform is obviously popular with online advertisers and merchants for a variety of reasons, including the reach that it offers and the power of the tools that are afforded to users.

Now it has been announced that DoubleClick Search campaigns have become even more responsive, thanks to the addition of inventory awareness. This basically means that ads will automatically be kept up to date based on the data feeds passed through the Google Merchant Centre.
Google Enhances DoubleClick Search Campaigns
An AdWords blog from Google’s Kim Doan outlines the various benefits and alterations that have been made to DoubleClick Search, to help advertisers increase clicks and conversion rates.
Doan points out that creating time-sensitive and contextually relevant campaigns can be difficult, which is why Google has looked to address this in the new and updated tools.
When campaigns are aware of a merchant’s available inventory, it is easier to market even the largest possible catalogue of products with just a few minute’s work, according to Doan.
The automated nature of the tools extends to the creation of ad groups and even the sourcing of particular keywords which will be relevant and effective, ideally resulting in boosted CTRs.
The idea is that DoubleClick Search can now monitor the Google Merchant Centre feeds so that any alterations can be identified almost instantly and applied automatically, so that ads contain up to the minute information on everything from price to product description.
Since these can change on a regular basis, it is obviously convenient for merchants to have this process automated rather than having to make manual alterations to campaigns, thus eating up more time.
The configuration process for these new tools is relatively straightforward and might be worth investigating, particularly if it can deliver on the promises that are made in Google’s blog.
Of course, there will be some marketers who prefer to take a more hands-on approach to campaign management and would be nervous about leaving the selection of keywords and the updating of listing information to an algorithm.
However, it may not be feasible to do this on the scale that is required to manage ads for extensive online libraries of products and services, in which case, this new inventory-aware form of DoubleClick Search will be a boon.
It will also be useful for sites that regularly run promotions, price cuts and other discounted offers, which might change the nature of an ad and alter the target audience in the process.
Google has published a YouTube video, which also illustrates the new tools that are available and it is worth watching if you want a basic explanation of the changes that are afoot.
The confident presentation of Google’s enhanced DoubleClick search features suggests that they are not merely seen as minor conveniences, but major changes, that could significantly alter the way that merchants use the platform, as well as the results they see.
While search marketing is unlikely to become fully automated in the near future, this is one step closer to that goal.