Google Chrome Update Will Protect Against Scams

Google is set to update Google Chrome that will protect you against scammers trying to steal your data on the web. Google Chrome which is the most popular web browser with almost 60% of internet users using the web browser followed by Safari that holds almost 14% of internet usage.
As part of the updates Google has said it will “remove all ads” on websites that been reported for “persistent abusive experiences”. The new version of the web browser which is the 71st iteration is rumoured to be coming sometime during December. On previous updates Google has tried to tackle this issue but has admitted that it hasn’t done enough in the past.  

“Remove all Ads on sites that offer persistent abusive experiences”

Web Browsers % of Usage:

    • Google Chrome (59.69%)


    • Safari (13.85%)


    • UC Browser (7.03%)


    • Firefox (5.02%)


    • Opera (3.55%)


    • Internet Explorer (3.01%)


  • No Info (8.05%)

Stats provided by Wikipedia
Google stated the adverts being targeted tricked users in an attempt to steal personal data. This includes Name, Address and Banking information.  
The tech giant added “These ads trick users into clicking on them by pretending to be system warnings or ‘close’ buttons that do not actually close the ad. Further, some of these abusive ad experiences are used by scammers and phishing schemes to steal personal information.”

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