Four Months With Google Spawns A World’s First On The Internet: Integrity Commerce®

We reported back in June that Integrity Search was handpicked by Google (as one of fifteen independent ‘elite’ performing agencies out of 20,000+ Google Partners) to attend an expert Business Coaching Programme spread out over four months, written and delivered by Robert Craven; an internationally renowned business consultant, published author and keynote speaker who has worked with global brands such as Barclays, Blackberry, Virgin, Nando’s and Airbus.  The exclusive course was designed help accelerate businesses that had been delivering consistently higher than average performance for their clients for a significant period of time and would benefit from accelerated growth with expert tuition and coaching.

The Training


The 16 week training programme consisted of a number of training modules that addressed everything from Operations, Finance, and Human Resources through to Sales, Marketing and Client Relationships. The modules were delivered over four seminars and four ‘one-on-one’ coaching sessions we were given fantastic insights and training to help us refine our develop our own business growth strategy.
The coaching we received from Google and Robert Craven has been invaluable to the development of Integrity Search and the whole team has benefited immensely from the programme. After reviewing our company strategy and redefining our unique value proposition under Robert Craven’s knowledge, expertise and guidance we also saw a gap in the market for a service which would totally compliment our existing offering.

A World’s First: Integrity Commerce®

Four Months With Google Spawns A World’s First On The Internet Integrity Commerce
Our existing model typically attracts e-commerce brands with a monthly turnover of £50K plus.  After a specific ‘automated marketing’ project as part of the course, we identified a huge opportunity to nurture small e-commerce businesses with expert, award winning methodologies to help their businesses grow and hopefully one day become clients of Integrity Search.  Integrity Commerce® was spawned.
Integrity Commerce® is the world’s first ‘On-Demand’ Digital Marketing Service For E-commerce Digital Marketers & Small Businesses Across The Globe (DMaaS). Our vision is to become the world’s #1 resource for planning, launching and growing a profitable online business. Our mission is to achieve this by providing award winning SEO, PPC & Social Media Marketing methodologies to ‘in-house’ digital marketers across the world from as little as £24.99+VAT per month.
We’re delighted that thinking different with Google has lead to such an exciting service launch which we hope will revolutionise digital marketing delivery across the world.  Digital marketers are becoming more and more educated as time goes on and through careful research we have identified that businesses want to be empowered to deliver their own digital marketing strategies, small businesses can’t afford agency level fees but would benefit so much from high quality strategies, ‘in-house’ digital marketing teams would benefit immensely from standardising SEO, PPC, and Social Media.  What happens when you lose a good member of staff? How many companies would like to save on monthly agency fees and how many would if they know how?  

The Future

Integrity Commerce® hopefully provides answers and solutions to all of these questions and more.  We’ve had extremely positive feedback from businesses and digital marketers who have already subscribed to our new service and will be publishing even more case studies and testimonials very soon.  Our aim is to continuously improve and add more training modules to our already extensive collection of methodologies that are there to help businesses grow and will constantly seek to improve the training with even more videos and more advanced modules.

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