Elanic Quiz: Breast Cancer Quiz

We partnered with Elanic LTD to create a breast awareness quiz with the aim of raising awareness for breast cancer and to improve knowledge of how to spot the possible signs of breast cancer earlier. The quiz asks questions regarding to some shocking statistics related to breast cancer and provides two possible answers, once the user has chosen the answer they are told whether they are right or wrong and provided with further information regarding the question that they have just answered.

The quiz is one half of a two part content strategy we have created for this campaign, the other half is a breast cancer awareness infographic. The infographic builds on the information provided in the quiz and also shows readers how to check themselves for possible signs of breast cancer. More information about the infographic can be found in our post ‘Elanic Infographic: A Detailed Look At Breast Cancer‘.
Please click the image, take the quiz and share amongst your friends: I could save lives!
Elanic Quiz: Breast Cancer Quiz
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