Christmas Supermarket Ads 2014 Infographic

This infographic is a follow up of 2013’s Christmas Supermarket Ads infographic where we compared the success of the six biggest supermarket ads to find the winner, 2013’s winner was John Lewis with ‘the bear and the hear’.
This year we increased the number of contenders up to eight to see if John Lewis would have more of a challenge for its crown and it did. Sainsbury’s ad recreating the first world war truce created a lot of buzz both positive and negative as people had very polarising views on the ad. Some thinking the ad was fantastic while other thought it was disrespectful to those who lost their in the war to be using this to promote selling their goods.
With how close it was between the two and the negativity surrounding the Sainbury’s advert John Lewis has once again came out on top with the ‘Monty the Penguin’ advert.
Both adverts this year were spectacular and leave us in suspense for what they will come up with for Christmas 2015.
Christmas Supermarket Ads 2014