Christmas Supermarket Ads 2013

With the annual race for Christmas advert supremacy almost over; we’ve decided to take a look at winners and losers according to some of the biggest names in the marketing world as well as by judging the success using social media metrics as a benchmark.

Collating quantitative data and qualitative research; we’ve compiled a list of success factors that helped one particular advert clearly stand out from the rest:  John Lewis with ‘the bear and the hare’. With so much hype around the £7million Disney-inspired advert – few were originally convinced of its potential for ‘BIG’ success; how little did they know.
This infographic shows just how well all adverts have performed online through social media and on TV; not to mention how the polls suggest just how well they were received; with some performing better than others.  Even tagged with being the least informative – in social media; how memorable it is; and how it is preferred by women – it takes (in our opinion) its rightful place as this year’s Christmas ad winner!