Adwords Tips – How to Improve your Quality Score

Let’s start with the basics – what is quality score?

So this is the mysterious score that Google gives to every keyword in your AdWords account to depending on how relevant it feels that it is.

Adwords Tips – How to Improve your Quality Score 1

Yeah, but why does quality score matter?
Google users’ want ads they see to be relevant to what they’re searching for.
Google Advertisers (You!) want the ads you show to be relevant so people click on them. Remember you’re paying for every click so you want to make sure spend isn’t being wasted!
Google wants to please everyone! They want users to have a good experience so they come back and they want advertisers to feel like they’ve gotten good value so they spend more money.

So if I improve the quality score, what do I get?

Firstly making your ads more relevant gets you better traffic but Google also rewards ads that they
assess to have a better quality. And why wouldn’t you want:

1. Lower CPC – Cheaper!

2. Higher position – More Visibility!

AdWords is not just about visits, you need to get a ROI. If you can get more visibility and pay less pay less per click, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be.
When bidding, you only need to pay enough to beat competition. But it doesn’t benefit anyone for an irrelevant site to sit in a top position so quality score is incorporated so more useful ads at a higher position (CPC is not just based on bids!). The bid is combined with quality factors to product ad rank – a higher quality score will mean a lower bid is needed to get prime visibility in Google.

Adwords Tips – How to Improve your Quality Score 2

  Adwords Tips – How to Improve your Quality Score 3

Convinced?! – Here are some simple steps to start saving money:
Google calculates quality score based on several key quality factors, which you can change to improve
your advertising:

1. Expected CTR – What do users actually respond to? If they’re not responding they’re not interested.

You can monitor your CTR and change targeting, keywords and ads to improve CTR.

2. Landing page experience – Ads are only useful if they lead customers to what they are looking for.

You should incorporate relevant and interesting content on landing pages to help users complete their task. Not   only that but you site should be easily to navigate.

3. Ad relevance – Does the ad actually include information about what the user is searching for?

The ad should be relevant to product or service and should set the scene for the page the user is being led to.

4. Ad Formats – enhancements to show users more information gives users more reason to click on the ad!

Use extensions to enhance your user experience. Not only does this increase your advertising space on Google,     they also give users more options and more information!

In summary…

Remember quality score isn’t fixed. You have the control to improve it, lower you’re your costs, increase your visibility and ultimately improve your ROI!

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